The project

During the last three months of 2016, every child arriving in Germany as a refugee received a gift - perhaps his or her first-ever own picture book. This progam came to a successful end, all donated books have in the meantime reached their recepients. For a short period of time, though, the picture book will remain available in a special retail edition. 

"The Prince and the Dragon" explains everyday life in Germany from the perspective of young children. It is a welcome gesture to refugee families who want to get to know Germany, and the German language. 

For parents additional insert texts are provided in Arabic language, Dari Farsi, French, Kurmanci, Pashto, Sorani, and Turkish. Free audiobook versions are available for download from this site. 

Our approach

The book has been developed through a broad, participatory process. Content inappropriate for children - such as on politics and religion – has been deliberately excluded. 

The "Prince and the Dragon" has been tested in two regions, and was consecutively distributed throughout the Federal Republic of Germany during a three month period ending in January 2017. With all donated books being distributed, our progam came to a successful end. 

The partners

“The Prince and the Dragon” was distributed free of charge to affected children by the Federal Employment Agency through its representatives atthe Initial Reception Centers. Deutsche Welle DW has produced it as an audio book in nine languages.

For the duration of the pilot, the book production cost has been sponsored by our private program partners.

"The Prince and the Dragon" is a pro bono project of Holm Keller GmbH.

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