You would like to read "The Prince and the Dragon"?

"The Prince and the Dragon" was distributed free of charge to refugee children and their families through Germany's Federal Labor Agency. The necessary copies of the book have been made available to the Agency through the generous support of public benefit foundations, corporations, and individuals. All donated copies have in the meantime been distibuted. To supplement the German book,  inlays in Arabic language, in Dari, Farsi, French, Kurmanci, Pashto, Sorani and Turkish are being provided. 

If you are working in an organizations supporting refugees, and you would like to distribute "The Prince and the Dragon" through your organization, you - or your donor - may purchase hard cover copies (>100 units) directly from the publisher. If you, or your organization, are interested, please contact us through the form below. 

Due to many requests we have received from partents, teachers, kindergartens and day care institutions, a retail version of "The Prince and the Dragon" is now available for 14.95 Euro at your local bookstore in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This version is published in German language only, and does not contain any of the foreign language inlays. Those are available for download on this website. For the convenience of those not residing in a German-speaking country, the retail version of "The Prince and the Dragon" is also available  on amazon. 

Please note: The current edition of "The Prince and the Dragon" consists of 36 pages. In case you own a copy from a previous edition with 32 pages, you can download the corresponding translations here.

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